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Independent House vs Apartments: What Sells Most in Noida?

Most of the people in Noida are divided between Independent House and Apartments. Now because every property has its own advantages and disadvantages due to which it is difficult for everyone to conclude which option is right, hence in today’s article we will discuss this in detail so that it will be easier for you to take a better decision.

There is not much variety in the residential market of Noida like other cities, but all the options available in this city meet the living needs of the people, which include Low-Rise Apartments, High Rise Apartments and Independent Houses that meet the needs of home buyers.

Although with lesser options, it is easier for buyers to take the decision, but to take a balanced decision you need to understand what is liked the most and what sells the most in a city like Noida. Although in our country, residential plots are the most demanding property, but in urban areas, not everyone’s budget can be devoted to a plot, due to which the sale of flats is much higher than that of plots, and also Residential Apartments are a budget-friendly option which provide you the experience of living in an organized and safe environment.

Apart from this, many people taking loans from IT companies and high salary packages are attracted towards flats because from flats, they can also generate a monthly rental income which makes it easier to pay EMI, but on the other hand, compared to flats, You get good appreciation in plots but due to lack of monthly rent, there is difficulty in paying EMI.

But the practice of building a house by taking a plot has been going on in our country for centuries because an Independent House or Villa gives you a different freedom of living in which both land and roof are included, due to which most of the people prefer to live in Independent House.

But wanting any property is one thing and getting it is a different thing, and getting an Independent House in Urban Areas remains only a dream for the middle class and due to limited supply of plots in cities, Building a house on a plot is not easy for the middle class.

And those people who have even good budget for these Independent Houses those people are often worried about security, maintenance and amenities because if we talk about security, then in an independent house you do not get the security which you get in a society and if we talk about the maintenance, then from time to time there are problems like plumbing, electricity and repairs in the house. You will have to take maintenance and responsibility yourself.

Now you will ask what is the solution to this, see, due to the increasing population and rising rates in cities, a Low Rise Apartment can be a better option for you so that you can feel connected to the ground, live a peaceful life, and can also enjoy the facilities of city life.

Because Low Rise Apartments in Urban Areas are more affordable than Independent Houses and if compared to High-Rise Apartments, they give you Better Natural Sunlight and Airflow, which impacts your lifestyle as well as provides open space. Enjoying the sky and clean air also makes you more active and motivated which increases the energy level in your daily routine and your mental state remains calm and balanced and you also feel more satisfied in your work and spending time with family.

Apart from this, Low Rise Apartments means less floors and less floors means less dependence on lifts, which gives you quick access to your home, road and local facilities and this is especially important in emergency cases because high-rise No one pays attention to the elevator in the apartments. Having 2 lifts in the High-Rise Buildings of G + 20 indicates the upcoming troubles that you can experience only when you shift into these High-Rise Apartments.

Problems like lift stopping every other day, sometimes lift falling and waiting for lift for a long time have become common in high-rise apartments of Noida. Due to the load of so many flats on only 2 lifts and lack of timely maintenance of the lifts, these problems later cause a lot of trouble to the people but Low Rise Apartments, due to their low density, promote a close environment and mutual love in the community of the society, which promotes neighborly relations.

Low-Rise Apartments can be a better option than Independent House for living in Urban Areas because it not only gives you more security and facilities than Independent House but also has a lower distance from the ground than High-Rise Apartments. Being connected also provides a positive energy, giving you the opportunity to experience a natural and open environment.

Secondly, if you want to get roof rights, then you also have the option to get roof rights in low-rise apartments, but to get roof rights in high-rise apartments, you will have to go towards Penta house or a bigger option, so if you want to get high rise apartments in urban areas. -If you do not like to live in Rise Apartments, then Low Rise Apartment is a good option for you in which you not only get the opportunity to enjoy your private terrace, but at the same time your life and the environment of your home becomes more dear.

But the price of Low Rise Apartment is higher as compared to High-Rise Apartments because if High-Rise Apartments are built on the same land then 100 to 200 apartments can be easily built but if we talk about Low Rise Apartment then Only 16 to 20 apartments are built due to which the builder gets less profit, but in the upcoming video I will also tell you the option of a quality low rise apartment and that too at the price of high-rise apartments.

The biggest happiness in life is to have our own home but to experience this happiness we have to work hard and make a lot of efforts to make our dreams come true and the true meaning of this happiness does not lie only in the roof and walls, Rather, it is the place where one feels love, security and prosperity.


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