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5 Things To Know If You See Gurgaon As Your Next Renting Accommodation

Rental Property in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a happening place and over the year the area has grown huge in terms of infrastructure and standard of living. Companies operating in different industries have stationed their branches in Gurgaon and this is one aspect that has uplifted the brand value of the city to a next level. Mushrooming industrialization and developed infrastructure together have boosted the incoming of expatriates from different Indian cities at a steep rate. These people are coming in here for a job and a better life. Getting a good job is just not enough, to attain a good life; you must have a shelter to dwell in. A new life rarely allows you to go for buying a property in Gurgaon; thus renting accommodation is the best possible option left.

Here are 5 things you should know now if you eye Gurgaon as your new real estate investment destination:

The Locality

You have to accept the fact that the localities in Gurgaon are a mix of posh and normal. There would be localities, such as Udyog Vihar, nearby regions of DLF hubs and then, on the other hand, there would be regions normal and affordable. You have to be really cautious while choosing a region as improper researching may cost way too much. If you are a professional or a job aspirant in this newly developed city, then make sure that your rented home is in proximity to your work setting. There are regions where you can buy both affordable as well as luxurious homes like New Gurgaon, Golf Course Extension and Sohna Road, for instance.

The Commercial Hubs

While your stay at Gurgaon, there are possibilities that you find a home amidst the bustling city area like Golf Course or in an area that is quite far away from the main zone. You may also get hold of affordable rental zones, such as Mahipalpur. In this case, you have to make a planned move and know your requirements. If you have a conveyance or have an option of using the public transport then staying away from the city area will not impact you much. However, if you are someone who believes in saving time and money then you must take a move towards the main city area.

The Electricity

You must have heard this a million times, “Electricity supply in Gurgaon sucks”. Well, you can absolutely true that to some extent. There are still some places in Gurgaon that are marred by the poor supply of electricity. One of the major reasons behind the pathetic situation is the demand that outstrips supply and secondly frequent routing of electricity for the farmers during the harvest time. It is very sad to disclose that despite infrastructural developments, the electricity supply in Gurgaon hasn’t improved much. You may not see the issue with the malls, shopping centers or the industrial areas but if there are strong chances that you stumble upon it in your nest.

Cost of Living

You have to be very cautious with your bucks as Gurgaon is a costly part of NCR region. According to Number, a trusted data source, you have to control your urge to spend if you are choosing to take on a property on rent in Gurgaon. Aspects related to the cost of living, the food prices, gas prices, restaurants charges and even leisure is quite expensive, crossing the set limit. Here’s a brief snapshot:

Cost of Living in Gurgaon

The Culture

This is one of the main aspects that can help you settle excellently in Gurgaon. Being new, culture is one thing that can shock you more than the overall housing hunting procedure. You can be from Tamil, Bihar or Lucknow and moving to thrive in a culture that is deep-rooted and open at the same time; thanks to the Delhi influence. You may face issues in understanding the core accent or may get affected by a sudden openness that is visible in the main city area. So, it’s not just the property rates in Gurgaon that is a mixture of data but culture is also a mix of two worlds.

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