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Delhi Development Authority Flats is Good Solution

Delhi Development Authority Flats

A Good Solution To The Housing Problems of the Metro City The Delhi Development Authority Flats

Delhi Development Authority Flats

For a nation to develop the cities need to grow and develop fast. This needs proper planning and doing this is no child’s play. Delhi was named the capital city of India after independence and rightly so. Although it had many huge structures and buildings it needed some modernization to grow and accommodate more people coming to it over the years. To plan this growth gave birth to the body Delhi development authority. The body has played a vital role in the development of this capital city that had seen many town planners till date who have laid the foundation for this development.

The new body had to retain all the old buildings and work on the plan executed by the previous town planners. This way tradition will not take a back seat and people visiting Delhi would get an insight into the rich culture of the nation too. The planning body had to move with the times to lure the younger generation to stay back in the political capital as well as attract other people to its fold. Building structures that appealed to the young who were going to be the future citizens is really vital. Thus came into existence Delhi Development Authority Flats.

In the sixties living in the flats was in vogue and in the year 1967 DDA too established its housing scheme by building these kinds of houses that came to be known as flats. This helped solve a lot of space problems that the city faced. Delhi needed to grow vertically as growing horizontally became difficult and did not seem practical. At such a time building flats readied Delhi to provide the latest in the housing department. This scheme also solved the housing problem that was prevalent at that time that rose because of the huge influx of people to the political city.

From the date of its inception and till date this body DDA has been doing a yeoman service to the population of Delhi by providing good accommodation facilities to all kinds of citizens. Flats in all categories from budget to luxury have been built by this body for the benefit of the city dwellers. You can find such flats all over the metro city.  A number of families living in these flats from years are a happy lot. The city dweller not only faces the housing problem but also many more issues keep them on tenterhooks and they are left to fend for themselves to seek the solutions.

This is not the case with the provision of Delhi Development Authority Flats 2012 and even before. The body has always adopted the latest technology in providing the amenities to its occupants. The flat owners did not have to face any difficulty with the water supply, drainage system or lighting. These basic facilities are always upgraded incorporating the latest in technology. Parking, play area; banking and other such needs are also provided in the elite flats. In providing all such facilities the provision of green cover does not take a back seat. Most of the flats have schools, hospitals and other such facilities in their vicinity too.

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